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I just made a Zoetrope. An interesting device that is the basis of how videos are made. Videos are just a zillion pictures(frames) flashed each second. In short frames per second(fps). The zoetrope is the basic version of that. It looks someting like this: Now check this out: <<< The Zoetrope in action!!! What you will need: Electrical Side:  L293D H bridge IC 2X 4 pin push button switches   Trim pot  DC motor  9v cell Arduino Uno 2 X 10k resistors Jumpers(all male to male) Mechanical Side: Please find out online on how to make a zoetrope. I used my arduino kit parts to make a zoetrope which was pretty simple. Here's the circuit you'll be making The circuit has 2 functions. switch on the motor when switch 1 is pressed and change direction of motor rotation when switch 2 is pressed. After switch is wired up, code the programme: Here's the code: /*   Arduino Starter Kit example  Project 10  - Zoetrope  Thi

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